Long Reign Tejada

December 11: Jose Reyes signs a $132 million dollar, six-year deal with the Miami Marlins. My heart wants to say he comes back, but it’s hard to come up with concrete reasons that will be true. I see the Mets making him a fair offer, but someone just blows them out of the water. My guess is the Marlins. Sleeper, but they have a new ballpark opening, a new crazy manager, want to make a splash, have the money (even if they don’t usually spend it), and are secretly in win-now mode because the farm system is thin. Plus, it would be a kick in the groin to a division rival. Hanley Ramirez moves to third base to make room for his buddy Reyes; the parallels between this and the 2010-11 Miami Heat are lost on absolutely no one.

I was off on the money and a few days early, but I think I did okay considering that post was from October 5. Chris Capuano didn’t re-sign, either, so I’m one for two on predictions so far. Cody Ross, Kelly Johnson, and Brad Lidge, you’re all up next.


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3 responses to “Long Reign Tejada

  1. Tom

    As I am writing my feature story I figured I’d check out any reyes stories and unfortunately found out about this news. Hopefully Sandy has a plan for what to do with this extra money in the future. Well done on the prediction

  2. How do you still feel about Cody Ross and Kelly Johnson?

    • Patrick Flood

      I’ve read nothing about Kelly Johnson, so maybe that’s a good thing? Cody Ross is reportedly seeking a three year deal. I think I guessed two years for him, so I’ll stick to that.

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