Back in the United States

I’m back in the United States, mostly recovered from a 2 a.m. return flight and a nasty sinus infection. We appear to have missed the Mets signing infielder Omar Quintanilla to a minor league contract and nothing else. Here’s my quick take on the signing:


  • Quintanilla signed a minor league deal, allowing the Mets to keep their capacity 40-man roster intact.
  • He’s a live human-person who can capably play shortstop, giving the Mets two such players above A-ball. He fills a big need providing depth behind Ruben Tejada.
  • Career .815 OPS hitter in the minor leagues, albeit mostly playing for super hitter-friendly Colorado Springs in the super hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League and his performance hasn’t translated at the major league level (.552 OPS in 582 trips to the plate).
  • Quintanilla signed for $10 Canadian dollars and an unlimited supply of pretzel M&M’s.


  • Is terrible as compared to other major league baseball players.

Whatever. The Mets had a need for an animate Quad-A shortstop, and they filled that need with Quintanilla at a low monetary and opportunity cost. Sandy Alderson might be done shopping soon: One or two bench outfielders and the 2012 Mets are probably set.


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2 responses to “Back in the United States

  1. I’m curious to see who those OF might be, and I’m also intrigued by Adam Loewen, but maybe that’s due to a lack of other Mets-related items with which to be intrigued.

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