Scott Hairston Returns

The Mets have reportedly re-signed Scott Hairston to a major league deal worth $1.1 million dollars. That works. Hairston can play all three outfield positions in theory and hits righthanded, filling two of the Mets’ bench needs. He also demonstrated last season that he could sit on the bench for weeks at a time — superior sitting being an important talent for a bench player — and then jump right back into action without missing a beat, which is probably an underrated asset for a fourth outfielder. All of Hairston’s skills — swinging really hard, standing in the outfield, depilation — fit the Mets needs, so this seems like a natural match.

The Mets outfield depth now looks like this, with each player’s listed position being the one they can play without embarrassing themselves:

1. Lucas Duda – LF
2. Andres Torres – CF
3. Jason Bay – LF
4. Scott Hairston – OF
5. Mike Baxter – RF
6. Kirk Nieuwenhius – CF
7. Fernando Martinez – DL

Assuming Kirk Nieuwenhuis isn’t going to make the Opening Day roster barring injuries, and because Mike Baxter is signed to a minor league deal, the Mets may bring in another outfielder (Willie Harris?) before the winter is over. One more fifth-outfielder type and this isn’t an unbelievably terrible group.

One last detail: Hairston is returning on a major league deal, meaning the Mets will need to play roster musical chairs when the signing is officially announced. Their 40-man roster already has 40 men on it, so someone will need to be dropped to make room for Hairston — D.J. Carrasco, minor league pitcher Armando Rodriguez and minor league infielder Zach Lutz look like the candidates to my eyeballs, with Danny Herrera, Fernando Martinez (if he’s irreparably injured) and Jason Bay (probably not, but we can hope) as the long shots.


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5 responses to “Scott Hairston Returns

  1. Love depilation as a Mets need. That’s hilarious. Also loved F-Mart best position being the DL. But I agree that this is a good signing, but I too wondered what it meant with the 40-Man Roster. I mean they ate $18MM last year, so what’s Carrasco’s $1.2MM if they figure out he’s not worth being on the 40-Man. My greater hope is that this signing and an already full 40-Man means there’s a trade coming.

    A boy can dream I guess.

  2. I think there is a typo next to f-marts name, I’m pretty sure he can embarrass him self on the DL too.

  3. I see no reason why Bay couldn’t play a competent RF and its kind of baffling why they haven’t tried to help Duda out by making use of one of the few assets Bay has. And I’d really like to see Martinez get consideration for that 5th OF spot. Playing everyday doesn’t seem to work for him, but he should be able to hit enough to stay in the bigs.

    Hopefully by June Nieuwenhius has worked himself into a four man OF rotation, seeing as its highly unlikely Bay gets punted or sat permenantly. But at least he can sit on the bench more and not put up bad PA’s that will trigger his option year.

    • I agree about Bay and right field. I see no particular reason Duda couldn’t move to left, which would be somewhat less embarrassing for him than right.

  4. Hairstons, both scott and jerry, are great utility players. They can play multiple positions and do whatever is best for the team. Good signing if you ask me.

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