Mostly Mets Podcast, 1/12/12

Special guest Eno Sarris joins us to discuss his Mets/CRG scoop. The iTunes link is here, if you’d like to rate, download, subscribe, check out this “iTunes” thing, whatever.

One addendum: During our chat about Miguel Batista, I mentioned that there was a change in the new CBA that made it more difficult for teams to retain veteran free agents, like Batista, as depth in the minor leagues. Here’s a link explaining the changes in the new CBA. Specifically, I was speaking about this part:

Article XX(B) free agents signing minor league contracts who are not added to the Opening Day roster or unconditionally released 5 days prior to Opening Day shall receive an additional $100,000 retention bonus and the right to opt out on June 1

Article XX(B) free agents are players who become free agents after six years in the major leagues, e.g., Miguel Batista, Willie Harris, those kinds of guys.

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One response to “Mostly Mets Podcast, 1/12/12

  1. 1. Happy New Year
    2. I was in Costa Rica this past summer. I love the country and am pretty sure if they discovered baseball there, I’d be moving there. Sucks you got sick though.
    3. Go Mike Baxter.
    4. Ronny Cedeno hit .355 as a 22 year old, and then .359 as a 24 year old in AAA. Not sure the bat will come at age 29 at the MLB level, but that would be awesome.
    5. Sandy just gave F-Mart all the motivation he’ll ever need. He will now be our CarGo…a young kid who finally blossoms somewhere else. Hmmmm, maybe this was part of a future trade with the Astros. The Mets put him on waivers knowing Astros would get him. Then again, what do the Astros have that we’d be willing to get. Ya, I got nothing.
    6. I want the Mets “Don’t be Stupid” Executive job.
    7. Shameek(??) is making major life decisions around his love/need for the Mets. That is crazy and awesome.
    8. I love me some Tampa Rays. And after the Hall of Fame this weekend, I could see myself rooting for the Dodgers. BK (Brooklyn Stand-UP!!)
    9. Angst is coming.
    10. Oh the Mets. Nice work Guys.

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