Some Things I Read Today

Or, really, some things I read over the past few days that I’ll pass along to y’all. Let’s look back at the Johan Santana trade, four years later:

Minnesota had failed to get an elite prospect for Santana, but two top-100 prospects and two other quality minor leaguers certainly wasn’t a disastrous return. Of course, most Twins fans were still very disappointed by a package built around Guerra and Gomez instead of Ellsbury and Lester or Hughes and Cabrera, and most Mets fans were thrilled to land an in-his-prime ace without surrendering Martinez.

Four years later, it turns out no one should have been happy.

– Aaron Gleeman, “Lose-Lose Situation: Revisiting the Johan Santana Trade”
Baseball Prospectus

I started to write a reaction to this, but it’s going to be too long so I’ll just post it later. So: I’ll have more on what-ifs surrounding the Johan Santana trade later.

Okay, second link. If you follow the Mets on the internet, you may have seen this already:

So it was odd that last week, Sean received a call from Jay Horwitz, the Director of Media Relations for the New York Mets, telling him that while the Journal News can continue to receive credentials, the Mets would not be credentialing me.

Sean asked why that was, and Jay responded that the Mets “don’t like his reporting”. The team declined to respond to my multiple attempts to reach them for a fuller explanation.

– Howard Megdal, “A Note on Access and the Mets”
The LoHud Mets Blog

Sports are a business, and teams really only let reporters and bloggers in because reporters and bloggers offer free publicity for the team. I write dumb jokes about Jason Bay, and then someone watches a Mets games and buys some Mets tickets. Or something like that. It’s like monkeys: I pick and eat bugs off your back, you pick and eat bugs off the Mets’ back, and then the Mets pick and eat bugs off my back. Everyone gets bugs. That’s how the relationship is supposed to work, but if a team feels that it is working otherwise . . . no more credentials, I suppose. (And fewer bugs for, uh . . .  you guys? Did I get that right?) So that’s the Mets’ side of things.

That said, as an easily-marginalized blogger with access to the team, I certainly don’t like this story. I don’t know if the Mets pay any attention to me — Hey, Mets, do you guys read this stuff? Do any famous sorts of people read this? — but I dislike the notion that the Mets may be trying to intimidate bloggers. Plus, whatever gains the Mets make (or believe they are making) by keeping Megdal out of the clubhouse, it certainly seems as if those gains are being offset by coming off as petty.

Whatever. I guess the moral here is that everything is better when the Mets have money.


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2 responses to “Some Things I Read Today

  1. You’d think with all of the horrible publicity surrounding the team — Madoff, Reyes leaving, the Wright contract, the budget reductions, the initial Kilimanjaro controversial “don’t do it” memo — that the team would LEARN from its mistakes with regard to public perception. All they had to do with Megdal (if they were truly incensed by his book) is give him the cold shoulder at press conferences and not take his questions if they intended to hold more blogger-only events. That is what the White House does when they are ticked off at a particular reporter. They achieve the same end — not making it easy for that person to do his job — but they don’t humiliate themselves by looking petty.

  2. The White House method sounds alot like high school. Just be direct. They were. Case closed.

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