The Best Position Player in Baseball, 2012-2014:

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12 responses to “The Best Position Player in Baseball, 2012-2014:

  1. Evan Longoria – he was amazing in desperate housewives.

  2. I know this is a Mets blog and I too love Ike Davis, but really?!?!

    • Patrick Flood

      Yeah — Come on guys. Davis has a good shot at being one of the better players in baseball over the next three seasons. But I think a good number of players have better shots.

      • I feel bad for you Patrick. I almost think you have to shrink the list AND not include any Mets, if you want real data. I went with Migueal Cabrera because he’s the only one on this list that has track record, youth, lineup, and honestly that I have faith will be a great play run each of the next three seasons. Everyone else I can argue with, Miggy, he’s a stud.

  3. why are there players on this list besides Albert Pujols?

    • Patrick Flood

      He’s losing his grip on undisputed best player in baseball. I think he’ll be top ten over the next three years, but I’m no longer sold on him being #1.

      I still can’t believe he’s going to play in Anaheim.

      • It was mostly rhetorical.

        He’ll still be the best player, but if I could start a team with one of these players it would be Tulo or Longoria because it provides a better gap on the rest of the teams for that position.

      • I do think Pujols’ll still be the best, averaged over the next three seasons, even if he isn’t the best in any one of them. I would take Tulowitzki if the issue was best relative to position, and maybe Longoria if it was best over the next decade.

  4. Poor Ben Zobrist. -2%, that’s harsh.

  5. ss

    If we get rid of the mets bias, then the right player won this.

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