Jason Bay, Friend of Grunge Rockers

He grew up a Northwest grunge kid, over on the British Columbia side, and now he texts with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. His favorite thing in life is to see his daughters smiling and waving when they arrive, on tiny skis, at the bottom of a snow-white hill. Post-retirement, he wants only to “blend into the sunset” by dropping off his kids at school every morning and hanging out with his wife, Kristen.

– Andy Martino, “Despite Big Apple struggles, NY Mets slugger Jason Bay sees brighter days ahead”
New York Daily News

Wait, Jason Bay is text-buddies with Eddie Vedder? I imagine Jason Bay is like “hey, watup man” and Eddie Vedder texts back “breathinahvumawouwayoumadeahconcrete, yeah.” But that’s just me.

Anyway, Martino sat down and talked with Bay — who seems like a really decent guy — about his struggles and his optimism for next season. It’s worth checking out.


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3 responses to “Jason Bay, Friend of Grunge Rockers

  1. Oh Eddie Vedder.

    You have to think that Eddie’s texts are much easier to understand, right?? The man’s incredibly bright, he just never got the memo that perhaps it’s nice for people to actually understand the words coming out of your mouth when you sing. That said, I’m gonna go get my “Yellow Ledbetter” on.

  2. I would flip the projected batting order for the Mets. I like Murp to bat leadoff, Ruben 2nd, Ike, Wright, Duda, then Bay 6th.
    I think Murp. will be our best on-base player w/ Ike as our best clutch hitter.

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