About Those Shirts

Here is a picture of the shirts Terry Collins distributed to the Mets. The “U” stands for underachiev . . . underdogs. It stands for underdogs. Via Metsblog.

Here is a picture of the same shirt right next to the logo of a certain Staten Island rap group.

I’m not the only person seeing this, right?


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8 responses to “About Those Shirts

  1. 2012 Mets: “Bring tha mothaf****n’ ruckus!”

  2. Da Mystery of Mets Chessboxin’

    Could also be a dead Pac-Man?

    Either way, I like them.

  3. I am torn on mulitple levels:

    1) Loathe as I am to endorse anything Jeff Wilpon does, I want one.

    2) Emotionally, I agree with DW’s comments that it kinda reinforces or re-emphasizes the mainstream conception that holds low expectations for the 2012 team, but rationally, I know those expectations exist and this can be a little “eff you, we’re capable of more than you realize”.

    3) Lists should always have three things, so I’ll also add that while it’s retro-chic campiness is annoyingly hipster-ish, this specific instance is cool cause it’s Mets-centric, amirite?

    • Patrick Flood

      Yes, the Mets-centricity works here. It’s campy. I don’t know if it was intended as such, but I think it works as campy.

  4. I’m sure the Mets were channeling the actual Underdog, rather than the Wu-Tang… let’s hope they actually bought the t-shirts instead of just running off a bunch of bootlegs. The Wilpons can ill-afford more lawsuits right about now.

    • Patrick Flood

      On Underdog, the Underdog symbol looks nothing like the Wu-Tang symbol. On these shirts though, for whatever reason, it looks like the Mets are about to enter the 36 chambers.

      • Right on here, Patrick. It’s about proportions in the U.

        The actual Underdog logo is longer than the one the Mets used where the rounded shape is closer to the Wu. Also, the original Underdog has a bigger gap in the middle than the Mets’ version which brings it again, closer to our men from Shao-lin.

        We’d really know that the Mets were all about the C.R.E.A.M. if they’d written Mets across the middle of the bootleg Underdog logo.

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