Ike Davis May Have Valley Fever

Davis is not the picture of health. He has, in fact, contracted Valley or Desert Fever, a malady that can interfere with a season and even end a career.

His illness has set off no alarms in the Mets’ camp. Truth be told, the diagnosis is not a topic of public discussion or much private dialouge. But there is an awareness, and, behind that, a concern.

– Marty Noble, “Mets treating Davis as if he has Valley Fever”

First, and most obvious question: What on earth is Valley Fever? I don’t know. I write about baseball and not medicine, and despite the number of House re-runs I’ve seen, I have no idea what Valley Fever is. But here is a link to the Mayo Clinic’s page on Valley Fever. Someone please report back.

Before panic sets in, Davis is playing baseball and such, certainly a good sign for his health. Here’s hoping we never hear about this Valley Fever again.

Anyway, if anyone is keeping track at home, the Mets have been in camp for about two weeks, and have already seen  . . .

  • A starting pitcher show up with a nose job, courtesy of the team’s former outfielder
  • A charted helicopter land on a practice field to bring Mets people to a Knicks-Heat game in Miami
  • The first baseman contract an Oregon Trail disease

We’re two weeks in!


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3 responses to “ Ike Davis May Have Valley Fever

  1. This hurts the offense. And Jason Bay hasn’t been the same since he took that arrow to the knee.

  2. That would be Valley Fever as in ‘Death Valley’, which is located nowhere near the Oregon Trail.

    But, nice try.

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