Previewing Mets-Giants

The Mets play the San Francisco Giants (6-6) at home this weekend. He’s a short preview:

The Giants are managed by Bruce Bochy. His seat is quite cool. Here’s what the Giants’ lineup looks like:

CF – Angel Pagan – S
RF – Melky Cabrera – S
3B – Pablo Sandoval – S
C – Buster Posey – R
LF – Aubrey Huff – L
1B – Brandon Belt – L
SS – Brandon Crawford – L
2B – Emmanuel Burriss – S

Despite still being the Bruce Bochy-Brian Sabean Giants, this is no longer a lineup of 2002 All Stars. Aubrey Huff is 35 and our friend Pagan is 30, but the Giants’ other regulars all fall between 24-28 in age. There are few sure bets here, as everyone in the lineup is trying to prove something. Young players showing they belong (Belt, Crawford), outfielders coming off career years (Cabrera) and meh years (Pagan), players returning from injuries (Posey). The Giants could be pretty good or funny bad at scoring runs this season.

Here’s what the pitching matchups look like:

  • Friday night: Jon Niese vs LHP Barry Zito. Zito has a 1.13 ERA through his first two starts, including a complete game shutout in Colorado. His fastball now sits in the low 80s, but he’s reinvented himself once more as a junkball pitcher. Pitch f/x says Zito throws a ton of cutters, sliders, changeups and curveballs, with his fastball now serving as an almost secondary pitch.
  • Saturday afternoon: Mike Pelfrey vs RHP Ryan Vogelsong. Vogelsong, another Giants player looking to prove last year’s All-Star campaign was a breakout season. Pitch f/x says fastball, cutter, curveball and changeup.
  • Sunday afternoon: Dillon Gee vs RHP Tim Lincecum. Lincecum’s fastball velocity is down a tick, and after 16 runs across three starts, his ERA is 10.54. This kind of thing happens with him every once in a while — August 2010, if I remember right — and his peripheral numbers are as good as ever. He’ll be fine.
  • Monday night: Johan Santana vs LHP Madison Bumgarner. I know I’m not the only one to say “Butt Gardener” and giggle every time I read his name. The Giants just locked up this 22-year-old lefty to a six-year contract extension, with team options for 2018 and 2019. Pitch f/x claims he’s throwing an almost even number of fastballs and sliders, with an occasional curveball mixed in.

Other stuff of note: Brian Wilson is going for Tommy John surgery, so veteran reliever Santiago Casilla gets first dibs as closer. The remainder of the Giants’ usually excellent bullpen remains intact.

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  1. Great to see this feature back!

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