Series Preview: Mets-Diamondbacks

The Mets come home to play a three game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks this weekend. Here’s a short preview about that.

The Diamondbacks (13-13) are managed by Kirk Gibson. Gibson is in his third season as manager of the D-Backs and the reigning manager of the year. That award gives him hiring and firing powers over the game’s other managers, so Terry Collins better watch out.

Here’s the Diamondback’s lineup:

SS — Willie Bloomquist – R
CF — Gerardo Parra – L
RF — Justin Upton – R
LF — Jason Kubel – L
C — Miguel Montero – L
1B — Paul Goldschmidt – R
2B — Aaron Hill – R
3B — Ryan Roberts – R

The Diamondbacks have been a middling offensive team this early season. The D-Back regulars strike out a ton — everyone has between 15-25 Ks on the season — but they can also hit for power and run, ranking second in doubles and steals. The Backs come into the series missing (medium-sized) Chris Young and Stephen Drew, their regular center fielder and shortstop, those two replaced by 2011 Gold Glove winner Gerrado Parra and 25th Man of the Decade Willie Bloomquist. There’s plenty of potential in the lineup, though Upton, Parra, Roberts, and Goldschmidt have begun slow. With better health and improvements from the corner infielders, the Backs should be a top hitting club in the NL. And with worse health and everyone deciding to hit blindfolded, the Backs should be the worst hitting club in the NL.

Here’s the pitching matchups:

  • Friday Night: Dillon Gee vs LHP Wade Miley. Arizona’s rotation has been hit with injuries and ineffectiveness early on, so the Mets catch a couple of fresh, smiling lefties this series. The 25-year-old Miley will be making his 10th major league start. The 43rd pick in the 2008 draft, he posted decent minor league stats in Arizona’s system, a 3.69 ERA and a 2.2 strikeout to walk ratio. According to pitch f/x, Miley throws a sinker, breaking ball and changeup. I think he’s a Pelfrey.
  • Saturday Afternoon (4 p.m.): Johan Santana vs LHP Patrick Corbin. Another relatively-young lefty, the 22-year-old Corbin makes his second major league start (and his second start above Double-A) on Saturday. He beat the Marlins his first time out, allowing three runs over 5.2 innings. Our advanced scouting system (which is looking at Fangraphs) indicates that Corbin threw about 75% fastballs his first start. So maybe the Mets should sit on that pitch. Still, Corbin struck out 8.3 batters per nine innings pitched in the minors, so it’s only 50-50 that he may be a Pelfrey.
  • Sunday Afternoon: R.A. Dickey vs RHP Trevor Cahill. Cahill is still young (24), though perhaps no longer fresh faced. The Diamondbacks acquired Cahill from the Athletics back in December. Sinkerball pitcher. He’s definitely a Pelfrey.

Old friend Joseph Jason Putz closes games for the Diamondbacks. He’s been a little homer-prove during the early season, surrendering three home runs already after allowing four all of last season.

And that’s a brief preview of the Diamondbacks. Hitters that strike out, run, and hit for power, and a pitching staff of Pelfreys. Enjoy the games.


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2 responses to “Series Preview: Mets-Diamondbacks

  1. Andres Torres has all of the Mets PA’s against these starting pitchers. I wonder when the Mets faced three SP in a series that they had never faced before. Seems a little unique.

    • Patrick Flood

      Ooh, that is interesting. Nice pick up. My guess is that it has happened, probably a lot in 1962 and then much less every year after that . . .

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