Arsenio + Carson = Carsenio

Murphy carried a personal-best 11-game hitting streak into the Mets’ series opener against Cincinnati on Tuesday night at Citi Field. From 11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET, he dropped in on the nine Cave Dwellers, did a Facebook chat, surprised fans and taped a video down in the basement with comedian Arsenio Hall, who will either be fired by Donald Trump or will make Clay Aiken a runner-up again when the live finale of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” airs on Sunday night . . .

Hall congratulated Murphy and said he was a fan.

“Three thirty-three (actually .336), even to a comedian, sounds good. That is good, right?” Hall asked.

“It’s a lot better than I thought I was gonna do, so I’ll take it,” Murphy replied.

“You’re a young man, so you’ve got a lot of years of .333 ahead of you.”

Emphasis mine. Obviously.

Oh, by the way, D.J. Carrasco was just designated for assignment. The Mets called up LHP Robert Carson to take Carrasco’s place in the bullpen. Carson throws hard, has a sweet southern drawl, and Toby Hyde seems to like him.

And yes, putting these two topics into one post was just an excuse to post Carsenio:

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