The Mets hitters in June

Posted as Daniel Murphy’s two-homer day makes this less pressing:

I was going to point out that Murphy and Thole have had particularly poor Junes at the plate, but . . . well Thole’s still had a rough month. The Mets haven’t quite gotten everyone going at once this season — when Davis and Duda weren’t hitting everyone else was, and now vice-versa — and the on-base guys struggling has hurt the Mets’ offense this month. The hitters have combined for a .699 OPS coming into today, though they’ve plated an above-average number of runs thanks to some timely situational hitting. Also the Mets keep scoring runs as I write this so I’ll just end this here.

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  1. Wright with a sub 1.000 OPS for the month? TRAID!

    Thanks to the blowout win following 4 close losses the Mets run differential and record are nearly in sync on the season. All it needed was some time.

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